WEEK 1 – Site recapitulation

First week – Site recapitulation

Finally, we managed to make this site alive and running. At the very beginning, we added about 100 DOS games that you can play online.

We added games such as Prehistorik, The Oregon Trail, Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, Commander Keen and many more… You can play them all online here.

This page serves for reviving the memories – nostalgia – for the old games players who used to play these games and also for the new, young players, to find the magic of these old classics.

Our aim is to create a live community gathered around these old DOS games. This community, our community, can share its experiences and thoughts amongst themselves and especially share it with the young generation to prevent that our beloved classics would be forgotten and lost.

If you want to play old DOS games online and directly in your browser, you will not need anything else than a browser and internet connection – everything is already set up for you, a member of our community, so that the game you have chosen can be started, just wait few seconds to download it and play.

What do we plan next?

We want to add gradually more and more games, there is a huge amount of DOS games so it will take us some time…but we try hard!

We are also working on user interface, the ability to register, saving games directly to your account, the ability to add the game to a “library”, an online chat room, and many many more.

The web is currently in the testing phase, but we really believe our community will grow larger and larger!

So thank you so far if you found us, we hope you like our site and enjoy nostalgic playing DOS games 🙂

Playing DOS games online? In the web browser? WTF?

Playing retro games makes a huge comeback, so which way is better to play these games than directly in your web browser? I will tell you – no other way is better. You do not have to download any emulator or install any other software, your browser can do emulation of DOS and that´s why you can play thousands of DOS games online. This means that you can play these classic games from almost every device, on Windows PC, MAC, iOS …

How to play these DOS games online?

These games can be played directly in the new window, smaller one or full-screen. This emulation works surprisingly well and you will not have a problem with almost no game. There is only one condition – a bit more powerful processor, not older than 4 years.

Your Games. Everywhere.

You can play all the DOS games online, from anywhere. You can also save your progress in the game! It is stored directly in the memory of the browser. In the not very distant future, we´re planning to add the ability to save your progress in the game directly to the database in your account on our site.

DOSbox animation

Some things never get old. (Old, but gold?)

Just because these games are old, it changes nothing in their quality. Some games are still better than today’s modern ones. Almost all games from Sierra or Lucas Films are simply classics, which you just want to play.

So, why play these DOS games online?

Nostalgia. And the quality of the games. And fun. Endless hours of fun while playing Indiana Jones, Civilization, or Prince of Persia. If you’ve never played these games, it’s time to start. You will not be disappointed at all!

Wondering how to use DOSbox to run and play old DOS games on Windows / MAC? Let’s take a look, there is a simple tutorial how to run all games you want!

Old games running under DOS can no longer run on newer computers anymore. Luckily, there are few smart people who invented DOSbox, a software that can run these games on any computer.

How to use DOSbox?

First, download the software from this link: download dosbox , and select the version (for Windows, Mac, etc.). Then install the DOSbox itself.

After installing the DOSbox, get the old DOS game you want to play. We have chosen the perfect platform for Prehistorik 2. You can download it here.

After downloading the game, extract the game from the .zip directory to anywhere on your disk.

Launching DOSbox Games

The actual launching of the game is very specifically described on the official DOSbox websites. But there is still a much easier way to run the game. This option completely omits the need for anything to write, anything to set up or “develop”. Just drag the game play file (in our case, it’s PRE2.EXE) with the left mouse button and drop it to the DOSBox.exe startup file. This will automatically start the game. Its really just drag and drop, you do not have to click on anything, run anything.

Run DOSbox game

A useful list of commands and abbreviations:

mount – opens the disc drive

cd – opens the directory / path

dir – shows the list of directories and files

exit – exits the software

Alt + Enter – switches to fullscreen view

Ctrl + F5 – creates a screenshot

Ctrl + Alt + F5 – starts / ends video recording

Ctrl + F11 – decreases the emulation speed (CPU power, cycles, its recommended if the game is slow, necessary for some of the games)

Ctrl + F12 – increases the emulation speed (if you decrease too much 🙂 )

If you are considering yourself as a fan of recent video games, but you also can´t resist a bit of nostalgia, read carefully! Software god Jason Scott will bring you back in time. He comes with an EM-DOSBOX emulator that allows you to play games such as Stunts, Commander Keen, Dune 2 or Command & Conquer – all of these and many more only by opening your web browser. So simple – you do not have to download or install anything! Just click here to find the latest DOS games and play one of them – or all of them 🙂 So, how to play DOS games in web browser?

How does it work?

Everything works thanks to Em-DOSBOX, which is based on DOSBOX. It allows playing almost any DOS game right in the web browser. You can choose one of the games on our site (or just contact us here, if you want to add a game) and click on the PLAY icon. Our archive is not very capacious so far, but we try to add DOS games every day.

Play DOS game at home, at work, anywhere…

What can you find on our website? Definitely a jewels amongst video games, but even less popular games from the world of strategy, action games or adventures. We can mention, for example, the Prince of Persia or the legendary strategy gameSid Meier´s Civilization.

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Thank you and keep playing!