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Archaeologist Paul Cole is accidental witness to a crime. Traveling to the place where the trial will take place, the plane carrying a bomb which is kidnapped and makes an emergency landing in the middle of the jungle.

Escape from Delirium was an indie production in 1995 by two people under the seal of Virtual X-Perience. Stephen Koch was the designer and adventure, inspired by the world of Monkey Island writer. The game has a great soundtrack, and uses a SCUMM-like interface with 7 verbs. Play Escape from Delirium online!

Escape from Delirium game description

Amateur made, shareware imitation of Monkey Island 2 / Simon the Sorcerer. But don’t let that put you off – this is a quality game in its own right. You are adventurer Paul Cole, the year is 1948, and you have been lowered down a pit to investigate a the discovery of a corpse. Then you find you cannot get out. The rest is up to you!

The game’s plot sounds as if it were borrowed from one too many Indiana Jones movies, but with some neat twists: you are Paul Cole, an archeologist sent to investigate an antique corpse found in an abandoned subway tunnel. As you are descending into the site, your rope is scratched, making you slip and fall into the darkness below. While trying to find a way up again, you will discover a supervising room of the museum above you.

At that exact moment, you notice a man breaking into the museum on one of the monitors. Unfortunately, the burglars managed to steal a valuable stone plate which is rumored to show the way to a source of unbelievable power. As the press prints the name of a witness – YOUR NAME – in the papers your fate is sealed. The next day you are to fly to court to Washington D.C. As if THAT isn’t bad enough for you, a terrorist appears during your flight and directs the captain to fly to the Philippines…

The main difference between this and another LucasArts’ SCUMM engine game is the lack of obvious humor. It seems to take itself very seriously.

Play Escape from Delirium onilne

You can play Escape from Delirium online here, in web browser for free!



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