Dos Z: The Game DOS front cover

5.0 /5
In this game it is all about emphasizing territorial control. You don't harvest, you can't even build new buildings.

Bitmap Brothers are experienced creators of many great games. Their philosophy was that they never created simple games. Each of their games is unique, and is not easy to play. You can play Z online here, in web browser!

Z game description

Z (Z: The Game), a game that seems to have the shortest possible title – the letter Z (and this has become the most difficult game to find on internet for me).

Z is the action strategy from the bird’s-eye perspective. Two armies of robots are fighting against each other. In single player you will control one side of the red one. Computer will control blue robots. You have to occupy the territory. In this way, you will own a territory where various vehicles, marines, defensive towers, or radars can be built.

A strategy game that will burn your brain!

This is real-time strategy game, similar to Dune 2 or C&C, but there a few differences. This game is especially about occupying territory and buildings. You do not need to mine material or build buildings, you only need to occupy the enemy sector (you will catch the flag in the given sector).

In Z, you have to think not only of the attack, but also the defense is very important. If you are not careful, your enemies cat take over the conquered territories again. Thoughtful strategy is an important part of this game.

Play Z: The game online

You can play Z: The Game online here, directly in web browser, for free!



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