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    Little Big Adventure 2

    Like its predecessor, Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen’s Odyssey in the US) is an adventure game with action elements. Play Little Big Adventure 2 online!

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    After freeing the world of Twinsun from its evil dictator in the previous game, the hero Twinsen has since gotten married, is planning to have a child and has settled down at home.

    One day, Twinsen finds out that his friend, a creature known as the Dino-Fly, is struck by lightning and hurt. Further investigation reveals that there is something strange going on in the skies on Twinsun; and indeed, visitors from outer space have arrived.

    Do they come in peace, or is there a sinister goal behind their appearance? Twinsen once again embarks out on a quest for the good of his world…

    Play Little Big Adventure 2 online

    The game’s interface and controls are similar to those of the first game.

    The focus is still on exploring the game’s world, interacting with its characters and objects. The four stances – Normal, Aggressive, Sneaky, and Athletic – have also returned, and must be used in the right situations to advance the plot.

    The game’s world is quite large, containing some optional objectives and quests, which makes it similar to sandbox games. It retains the isometric perspective from its predecessor for indoor locations; outdoor navigation now features rotatable camera, and the world is rendered in real 3D.

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