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    Mega Blast

    A Bomberman style 2D action game.

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    Mega Blast is a game based upon simple rules popularized by such classic titles like Dyna Blaster or Bomberman. A couple of players are placed in a maze and each of them have time-bombs at disposal. Play Mega Blast online!

    Mega Blast game description

    The goal is to eliminate adversaries; players can achieve this by detonating an explosive when enemy is in its range.

    The walls and obstructions will initially make it difficult for you to move, but most of them are not resistant to explosions, so you can blast your way through. When you knock down a part of the maze, it may reveal a hidden bonus, like increased firepower, additional bombs, and so on. The most important thing, and the core concept of the game, is that bombs have delayed explosion time. You have to be very careful and pay attention where you place them, so that it won’t turn out later that not only you did no harm to your enemy, but took your own life instead. Mega Blast also introduces such new gameplay features as:

    Flying bombs. The player has a possibility to throw them in four directions. Bombs are bouncing off themselves and screen edges, exploding when they reach other bombs’ field of fire, or spontaneously, after some time. This offers many new possibilities and enriches gameplay strategy.

    Bonuses. Apart from standard bonuses (prizes found under destroyed walls) such as increased fire range, or additional bombs, the game introduces surprise items. Those may have a positive effect (ability for the player to walk through walls, increased moving speed, unlimited fire range) as well as a quite undesirable one (bombs spontaneously falling out of player’s hands, exchange of places with another character, or mixed up controls).

    Play Mega Blast online

    You can play Mega Blast online here, in web browser for free!

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