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    Mutant Penguins

    An action-strategy-puzzle game similar to Lemmings in which the player has to escort penguins to a giant “doom scale” while preventing the evil mutated penguins from reaching the same destination.

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    Your job is to guide Rodney or Bernard through a series of levels in order to stop the attacking mutants. The mutant penguins win the level if they are able to get more soldiers to the scale and tip it in their favor. You win if you are able to lead the good penguins to the scale. Play Mutant Penguins online!

    Mutant Penguins game description

    The goal of the game is to escort regular penguins to the end of a series of maze-like levels. This occasionally means releasing them from traps and creating walkways for them. Simultaneously, the player needs to prevent the mutant penguins from doing the same: if too many reach the scales at the end of the level before the good ones, the game will end.

    To stop them, the player needs to collect gremlins (fuzzy blue creatures) and use them to activate traps and open chests with useful weapons and power-ups. The weapons can then be used to destroy the mutant penguins after they’ve been charged up, though the good regular penguins can also be hurt if the player isn’t careful.

    Play Mutant Penguins online

    You can play Mutant Penguins online here, in web browser for free!

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