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    Viz: The Game

    Viz: The Soft Floppy One, was a 1991 Amiga video game based on the British toilet humor comic, “Viz.” It was mediocre multi-event olympics-style game featuring three very crude protagonists; the worst of which was a fellow named Buster Gonad who could bounce on his outrageously enlarged testicles.

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    Viz: The Game is an action game where the players run through various scrolling environments. It is based on a British comic magazine VIZ which, like the game, features lots of crude humour and fart jokes. Play Viz: The Game online!

    Viz: The Game game description

    The player controls one of the 3 Viz characters – Johnny Fartpants, Buster Gonad, or Biffa Bacon. The race takes place in five different scrolling environments; country, town, building site, beach and a disco. During the race you have to dodge traps and other characters from the VIZ comics. There are also two mini-games for each character which include Pint Drinking, blowing up balloons with farts and Pancake Flattening.

    Viz was directly parodied in an episode of South Park titled “Medicinal Fried Chicken” when Stan Marsh and the other men of South Park irradiate their testicles in order to procure prescriptions for a newly-opened medicinal marijuana dispensary which has moved into the recently closed Kentucky Fried Chicken building. They men bounce around town on their cancerous testes just as Buster Gonad does in Viz, and are even accompanied by the same carnival-esque travel music which appeared in the game.

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    You can play Viz: The Game online here, in web browser for free!

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