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    Jumpman Lives!

    Jumpman Lives! is shareware adaptation of the classic Epyx game featured all of the levels from Jumpman and Jumpman Junior, along with several original levels and an editor program. The plot is superficially changed, with the setting moved to a different planet, but this makes no difference to the gameplay. Play Jumpman Lives! online!

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    Written by Dave Sharpless and released as shareware by Apogee, the game contains all 30 levels from the original Jumpman, 10 levels from Jumpman Jr., 5 new levels, plus an easy-to-use level editor. In addition to preserving the look and feel of the original jump-and-run classic, Jumpman Lives! offers the option to jump to a random level, multiple difficulty levels, and the ability to handle up to 4 players simultaneously.

    The plot remains the same, except it is somehow now taking place on Saturn and not Jupiter as in the original: as the government’s top anti-terrorist agent, you are the only one who can defuse the deadly TechnoBombs. For your task, you have been equipped with JUMP (Jet-controlled Upward movement Propulsion) boots which allows you to avoid deadly terrorist traps and jump around the levels.

    The game plays similar to Lode Runner: negotiating ladders, vines/ropes, bombs, girders, and enemies, you must pick up all the bombs on each level to go to the next one. Sometimes picking up a bomb triggers different events such as floors collapsing or robots moving, so you must always be on the alert. Like Lode Runner, the game is fast, fun, and addictive.

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