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    Fast Food

    Fast Food Dizzy is a maze game featuring the Oliver Twins’ Dizzy character. It’s the first spin-off of the Dizzy franchise.

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    Fast Food is similar to Pac-Man or Boulder Dash, but not quite. The objective is to collect all fast food on the screen: that means, food that is moving fast. While doing so, you will have to avoid the monsters, otherwise you’ll get killed. There are 30 levels, increasing in difficulty from very easy to extremely difficult. Play Fast Food online!

    Fast Food game description

    Like Pac-Man and others in the older “maze” genre (such as Jungler or Amidar), Dizzy is placed in a maze and must chase down all the food items to proceed to the next stage. He must also avoid all the ghosts, which appear to be taken directly from Pac-Man, but are instead named Wizza, Pippa, Fido and Bonzo. Similar to Pac-Man, players are treated to small animated vignettes after every three stages, which will also give the player an extra life.

    Differences from Pac-Man

    Maze complexity – Many mazes are not symmetrical and the visual theme will change every few levels. They can include dead-ends and “safe zones”, which the ghosts cannot enter.

    Food – The food items Dizzy needs to eat are constantly moving and, like the ghosts, all have their own personalities. One of the dumbest being, of course, the Hamburger.

    Power-Ups – Dizzy can also collect various power-ups that wander around in much the same way the food and ghosts do. They confer both helpful and not-so-helpful temporary abilities on Dizzy and the other moving elements.

    Play Fast Food online

    You can play Fast Food online here, in web browser for free!

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