Llamatron: 2112 DOS front cover
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    Llamatron: 2112

    Llamatron: 2112 is a Robotron clone made by Jeff Minter with his own style added to the game. The player controls a llama that must fend off multiple enemies on a single screen, these enemies take many forms.

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    A clone of the original Robotron, Llamatron uses the same principle but ups the action level, graphics and sound. Play Llamatron: 2112 onlin!

    For those who haven’t played Robotron, the aim is simply to control you character (in this case a llama), shoot all the various monsters and rescue all the innocents (sheep).

    Your weapon is always on automatic fire and you shoot in the direction you are facing but if you hold the fire button it locks the gun in that direction allowing you to move around. Various power-ups are presented to you during the game and two-player support is also in there.

    The game features 100 levels, and loops back to the first level once completed. Individually, the game’s toughest regular enemy was a marauding Mandlebrot Set.

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