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    Dr. Doom’s Revenge

    The first one-on-one fighting game based on Marvel Comics, albeit only with computer-controlled opponents. Spider-Man and Captain America take on a gauntlet of villains to stop Doctor Doom’s attempted missile launch.

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    The main action in the Dr. Doom’s Revenge is a side-scrolling beat ’em up, in which you alternately control the two characters. They each have their own moves to deal with The Rhino, Electro and other foes. Moves are context-sensitive based on the distance between your character and the opponent. Play Dr. Doom’s Revenge online!

    Dr. Doom’s Revenge game description

    Energy bars decrease as you each take hits. After each section you get comic-book sequences as a reward, and to set the scene of the evolving story.

    Latverian president Dr. Doom is a terrible enemy, so when he hatches a plan to blow up New York City with a stolen Atomic bomb, one Marvel superhero is not enough to stop him. As the lavishly-drawn comic bundled with the game explains, Spider-Man and Captain America must join forces to go to Latveria and foil his plans.

    The game is a side-scrolling fighter, in which you alternate in control with the two characters. They each have their own moves to deal with and plenty of bosses like The Rhino, and Electro to deal with.

    Fun Facts

    • This game came packaged with an actual comic book explaining the back story to this game.
    • One of the villains you will face, Rattan, was specifically designed for this game, the rest are pre-existing characters in the Marvel universe.
    • Some versions of the game replace the Zaran fight with a robot gorilla.

    Play Dr. Doom’s Revenge online

    You can play Dr. Doom’s Revenge online here, in web browser for free!

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