Star Wars Chess DOS front cover
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    Star Wars Chess

    In a galaxy far, far away… Jedi’s use their power… to conquer… the CHESSBOARD!

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    Star Wars Chess is a 1993 chess game developed by The Software Toolworks. It was released on PC and the Sega CD. Play Star Wars Chess online!

    Star Wars Chess game description

    The game is a standard chess game in which all of the pieces are represented by characters from the original Star Wars film trilogy. Similar to Battle Chess, when one piece captures another, a brief animation plays showing a battle between the two characters. Some of these battles could be particularly humorous, as it is possible for C-3PO (a light side bishop) to defeat Darth Vader (the dark side queen).

    Play Star Wars Chess online

    You can play Star Wars Chess online here, in web browser for free!

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