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    SimCity 2000 Scenarios Volume 1: Great Disasters

    Originally published by Maxis and released in 1989, SimCity is a city-building simulation franchise created by legendary video game designer Will Wright.

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    Scenarios Volume 1: Great Disasters is an expansion pack for SimCity 2000. This particular addition adds a total of 10 harrowing scenarios which range from a fictitious UFO attack in Atlanta, Georgia – in Dec. 2050 no less – to the very real great Mississippi floods of 1993 (the Davenport flood in this particular instance). Play SimCity 2000 Scenarios Volume 1: Great Disasters online!

    This expansion was bundled with SimCity 2000 Bonus Cities and Scenarios and the SimCity 2000 Urban Renewal Kit for Maxis’ 1995 release of a special CD-ROM edition of SimCity 2000.

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