Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter DOS front cover
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    Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter

    This F/A-18 flight simulator gives you the most realistic air combat experience you can have without enlisting! Go against MIG-29s, or take on a ground attack mission using some of today’s most advanced weapons systems. Terrific graphics, thunderous stereo sound, awesome realism.

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    Black Knight is an air combat F/A-18 Hornet flight simulator. It features 50 different combat missions, 8 training missions as well as a free flight mode. Play Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter online!

    A built-in mission creator is also available. Features included a flight instructor mode which offered instructions at every key point of flight or combat; flight recorder to play back your flight viewed from various angles; and digitized engine and cockpit sounds from actual F/A-18 Hornets.

    It was initially distributed in 1995 as a shareware demo with some functions disabled.

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