F-15 Strike Eagle III DOS front cover
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    F-15 Strike Eagle III

    America’s Premier Jet Fighter Returns In Revolutionary New Air Combat Action.

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    F-15 Strike Eagle III is a combat flight simulator developed by MicroProse. This sequel of F-15 Strike Eagle II was released in 1993 for MS-DOS. Play F-15 Strike Eagle III online!

    Take the F-15 Strike Eagle and join the conflict in Iraq (Desert Storm), North Korea, and Panama, with full map authenticity (every major landmark are included, including Defense Ministry and Presidential Palace in downtown Baghdad (compare it with tourist maps!), major bridges over the Euphrates river, DMZ, Seoul, and Pyongyang on the Korea map, and the Canal Zone in Panama! Use the radar to pint accurate pictures of what is going on, request updates from AWAC, and unleash the full arsenal of smart weapons upon your targets. Play adversarial or co-op missions in multiplayer modes.

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