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    Navy Strike

    Navy Strike is an ambitious flight simulation from Rowan that tries to add elements of strategy in typical flight sim gameplay. The result is an uneven game that will appeal only to veteran flight sim and strategy gamers.

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    In Navy Strike you have the chance of either being a pilot and going out on dogfight missions to improve your ranking, or being a strategist, and deciding how the fighting is done, when and where, while keeping track of events. Play Navy Strike online!

    All of these missions start out as politically tense situations. War has not been declared, your main mission is to carry out orders without triggering a war. How you carry out your orders is up to you as the TFC. This adds an intriguing layer of complexity to the flight sim, but how does it work in the actual game?

    The result, unfortunately, is mixed. As TFC, you will control almost every aspect of flight assignment of your airforce, although for some reason you can’t control the fleet under your command. This means that the ships are useful only as mobile landing strips for your planes, and little else.

    Your airforce, fortunately, has everything you need: you have under your control the F/A-18E, AX, and F22N, and E2C early warning aircraft (the only one you can’t fly in the game). Using several predefined weapon loadouts and waypoint templates, you plot out your strategy.

    The waypoint template is a good system that eases novices into the game, and gives veterans a good starting point for modifications. Using a versatile in-game waypoint editor, you can add, delete, and modify waypoints, as well as determining the altitude of each aircraft and specific action orders for each waypoint.

    It’s not as good as the one in Tornado, but it serves the purpose.

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