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    A.J.’s World of Discovery

    A.J’s World of Discovery is an educational game aimed at young kids. It allows them to play various mini games such as an Arknanoid clone, a picture editor, sticker book, Matchbox car racing, jigsaw puzzles etc etc. A fun way to learn English and Maths.

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    A fun collection of activities for toddlers (0-4 years. Old), Coktel’s A.J.’s World of Discovery marks the debut of A.J., a lovable alien who foreshadows Adi, a more famous character in Coktel’s line of edutainment titles that are still going strong in France. Play A.J.’s World of Discovery online!

    Who’s this little fellow on our screen? He’s A.J., that’s who. And he’s about to invite you to his own “World of Discovery”.

    A.J.’s World of Discovery is an educational game where kids can play numerous mini-games:

    • an Arkanoid clone;
    • a funny face maker, where you can freely change facial features or randomly generate a face;
    • a simple graphics program where you can draw pictures with a variety of tools and save them to disk;
    • Matchbox car races; you can construct your own track and then race another person or a computer;
    • a keyboard that teaches to type;
    • a sticker book;
    • several jigsaw puzzles, where you are rewarded with an animated picture after you finish piecing it together;
    • educational mini-games that teach English and Maths;
    • and it’s also possible to grow your own garden by planting the seeds and then watch the flowers slowly grow over time.

    The game contains numerous amusing, silly animations and sounds.

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