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    Dig-Dogs: Streetbusters

    Dig-Dogs is a fun promotional game for kids that teaches basic driver’s education, including safe driving, the meaning of different traffic signs, and other road rules.

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    It’s time for road safety education. Learn how to drive economic, save and in accordance to the (German) traffic regulations, while trying to reach a certain parking area of the city within 10 minutes. Play Dig-Dogs: Streetbusters online!

    Dig-Dogs: Streetbusters game description

    The game lets you tune your car to show what parts are useful economically and which are not. Besides searching for the fastest course while keeping to the regulations, the game incorporates a bunch of mini-games that are triggered when you violate certain rules or if some problem with your car appears (empty car battery, broken exhaust pipe, damaged body parts, etc.). The three dogs, that are referenced by the game’s title, give useful hints and explain the perils and quirks in road traffic quite well. The mini-games include a jigsaw puzzle , as well as a Tetris variation, a reaction test and few more.

    The gameplay is simple: just drive the car for as long as you can without violating traffic rules, avoiding other cars and roadblocks in the process. The game is in German, but it shouldn’t be hard to understand — whenever you do something wrong, a member of Dig-Dogs pops up to scold you, and make you start again right before traffic violation. Bright, cartoony graphics, intuitive driving controls, and fun gameplay make Dig-Dogs a great edutainment title for kids — although its intended audience is too young to drive for some years yet 😉 Recommended!

    Play Dig-Dogs: Streetbusters online

    You can play Dig-Dogs: Streetbusters online here, in web browser for free!

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