Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky DOS front cover
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    Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky

    Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky is a realistic business simulation of Zeppelin transportation company. Building a zeppelin and run the successful business is not an easy task and will require good business skills and planning. Play Zeppelin: Giants of the Sky online!

    The game is similar to other sim-like business simulations but is harder to accomplish for a casual player.

    Play it online!
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    Zeppelins were the sky’s biggest aircrafts ever. So – have you ever thought about managing a fleet of them? In Zeppelin this is just your job. Invest in new technologies, build airships for several nations, find new flight routes and win the race with competing companies.

    You can participate in flying competitions, take on special missions (such as time critical assignments), speculate at the stock-market, etc. The game also contains precise historical material; political and economical developments strongly influence the storyline.

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