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    Body Blows

    The gameplay mostly follows the typical formula of the Street Fighter series, in that the player competes against each opponent in best-of-three matches. Each fighter has their own set of standard attack moves and special moves. Due to most Amiga joysticks of the time having one single fire button, the controls for special moves are largely simplified: one special move per character is performed by keeping the fire button pressed while holding still, while others are performed by moving in one of the eight directions and pressing the fire button.

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    Body Blows is a MS-DOS versus fighting game. It was released in 1993 by Team17. The game has a lot of similarities to Street Fighter II, for example, both had two characters with projectile, rising uppercut and spinning kick special moves and played identically (as with Ryu and Ken). Play Body Blows online!

    Body Blows game description

    Around the time of the Amiga version of Street Fighter 2, Amiga specialists Team 17 came up with a similar one on one beat ’em up, designed around the machine’s strengths and weaknesses.

    In one-player mode you have four characters to choose from – brothers Dan and Nik play identically, Lo-Ray is a Buddhist Monk, and Junior a failed boxer.

    The opponents include a Ninja warrior, a businessman whose post-fight catchphrase is ‘I’m sorry about that’, and a thin Spanish girl. The backdrops feature lots of color and animation, varying from wrestling rings to building sites and beaches.

    The control is designed around one-button controllers, with special moves generated by pushing in a certain direction and pressing fire, and one ‘super special’ move by holding fire for a few seconds. The real skill is in combining these moves effectively.

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    You can play Body Blows online here, in web browser for free!

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