Mission 2 Return to Danger – Accessory Game for Spear of Destiny

    An expansion pack where B.J. must retrieve the Spear of Destiny from the Nazis again.

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    An expansion disk released both as a standalone floppy version and bundled with the original Spear of Destiny in the Spear of Destiny Super CD pack. Play Mission 2 Return to Danger – Accessory Game for Spear of Destiny online!

    This add-on continues the story of the Spear. Jump into the shoes of “B.J.” Blazkowicz once again and go into 21 new Wolf levels with new, more detailed textures, as well as new bosses and enemies, such as machine-gun toting bats. Other additions include improved sounds and some minor gameplay adjustments, for instance the inclusion of crushed rats as indicators of secret doors, new prizes to get, etc.

    Note that this mission disk was neither developed nor produced by id Software, and was instead a licensed title.

    Mission 2 Return to Danger storyline

    Six weeks after the Spear of Destiny has been brought out of enemy hands, the Axis mounts a successful commando raid to recover it! After a bloody battle and narrow escape, it’s taken to the Nazis’ Secret Scandinavian Base, excavated from the solid rock of a fjord The fortress is said to be impregnable!

    Your mission is to recover it a second time!

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