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    Catacomb Abyss

    The Catacomb Abyss is the 1992 sequel to Catacomb 3-D. It is the first part in a trilogy.

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    You play the role of a magician, who is called upon by the townspeople to defeat his ancient archrival Nemesis again. Play Catacomb Abyss online!

    Catacomb Abyss game description

    After having defeated Nemesis in the past, his minions have erected a huge museleum in his honour, and as a result the townspeople are forced to live under a rule of horror. You must once again venture into the catacombs, defeat Nemesis and free the townspeople.

    Catacomb Abyss is a fantasy first-person shooter game. Similarly to the previous game in the series, it casts you as a mage who can fight enemies and destroy whole sections of walls thanks to the use of fireballs. You can find bolts and nukes, which make for more effective weapons but are one-use, healing potions, scrolls with hints, and keys.

    However, unlike in Catacomb 3-D, where you spent the whole game inside a dungeon, here you’ll explore various environments, both indoors and outdoors. There are new enemies to face, such as zombies that come from under the ground or skeletons that come out of walls.

    New to the game is a radar which shows you the location of foes. However, you have to find gems of various colours to use it effectively; each gem allows you to see a specific type of enemy on the radar. There isn’t a compass in the game, but various areas of the maps still have specific names.

    The Catacomb Abyss features the same player character that was in Catacomb 3-D. Unlike Catacomb 3-D, The Catacomb Abyss and the subsequent two sequels were not developed by id software.

    Catacomb Abyss is the first part in a trilogy of sequels, Catacomb Armageddon being the second part and Catacomb Apocalypse is the final part.

    Play Catacomb Abyss online!

    You can play Catacomb Abyss online here, in web browser for free!

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