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    Chex Quest

    The first computer game to be included as a prize in a breakfast cereal box, Chex Quest is a non-violent first-person shooter (and total conversion of The Ultimate Doom), trading guns, demons, and marine death for teleportation zappers, anthropomorphic slime, and being too bogged down in slime to move.

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    Chex Quest is a 3D FPS running on a modified DOOM engine. Play Chex Quest online!

    Chex Quest game description

    The planet Bazoik has been overrun by Flemoids- mucous-like alien creatures who are consuming all of the IFC’s (Intergalactic Federation of Cereals) nutritious foods. You, a large square-shaped man must go in and rid the various levels of the miscellaneous green Flemoids.

    Your weaponry starts out with a bootspoon (which can be upgraded to a Super Bootspork) and a small Zorcher (which uses Zorch energy). The Zorcher can, of course, be upgraded to frightening levels… Zorch is apparently an interdimensional substance, because enough of it can “send a Flemoid back to his homeworld.”

    You can strap on armor, of course- the armor is a Chex kibble (or a Super Chex kibble). This will protect you from the mucous that the Flemoids snort at you.

    The opening contains a notice to concerned parents, avowing that the game is non-violent; to keep childrens’ interest, the violence was replaced with (and they tried to be delicate here) gross booger sounds. Your character never “dies”, but becomes immobilized by being covered from head to toe in mucous.

    Healthy eating habits are also supposedly reinforced- health is regained by eating a bowl of fruit (10% energy), bowl of vegetables (25%), a glass of water (5%), or… yes… “a complete breakfast”, featuring a bowl of cereal (presumably Chex), toast, glass of milk, and a piece of fruit, for a complete health boost.

    Play Chex Quest online

    You can play Chex Quest online here, in web browser for free!

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