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    Cryptic Passage for Blood

    Traveling by boat through the Carpathian Mountains to recover an ancient scroll that was taken from you, a storm rages, depositing your boat on an ancient shore. You must act quickly, as this ancient scroll is capable of upsetting the balance of power in the otherworld. Malevolent forces have detoured your journey, the same forces which were responsible for taking what was rightfully yours. You proceed to find the ones responsible for stealing your property, and disrupting your journey.

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    Cryptic Passage for Blood (originally titled Passage to Transylvania) is the first of two expansion packs for Blood. Unlike the Plasma Pak, the expansion was developed by the third party Sunstorm Interactive and published by WizardWorks Software, therefore it does not contain any bug fixes or new features. However, it does contain a new episode containing ten single-player maps, and four new BloodBath maps. Play Cryptic Passage for Blood online!

    Cryptic Passage for Blood game description

    Cryptic Passage for Blood is a level package for Blood containing 10 single-player and 4 bloodbath levels. It was the first expansion released for the game and the only officially sanctioned third party expansion pack released for Blood. Being released prior to Monolith’s own ” Plasma Pak” expansion, none of the new enemy types were able to be included, though the game did include a new episode, additional multiplayer levels and a brand new ending cinematic (essentially a slideshow).

    The storyline is set at an unspecified period of time after the events of the first game with Caleb setting out to retrieve a scroll that was stolen from him by an ancient god. While the story isn’t referenced throughout any other Blood materials and despite being developed by a third party, the events of Cryptic Passage are considered canon.

    Including the hidden secret level, ten new single player levels comprise the Cryptic Passage episode. The levels are more varied than those found in the Plasma Pak expansion and each has a specific theme or style attached to it.

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    You can play Cryptic Passage for Blood online here, in web browser for free!

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