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    Descent II

    The Material Defender returns in this underground 360 degree action shooter, this time retrofitted with a prototype warp core in his ship that will take him to distant worlds. The game features a new array of destructive weapons and berserk robots that ups the ante from its predecessor.

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    The second Descent game features new levels, new weapons and new robot enemies. It also comes with helpful ideas for the player like the Guide-bot, the ability to fly with afterburner or energy-to-shield converter that many times they become a must! Play Descent II online!

    Descent II game description

    After what the Material Defender thought was the end of a long day, having destroyed all the mines in the solar system, he returns to a Post Terran Minerals Corporation (PTMC) base located in the asteroid belt. Eager to get his money and return home, Dravis confronts him with a new mission stating that, “The PTMC reserves the right to keep you on retainer for up to 72 hours, post-mission.” Material Defender then has a warp core retrofitted onto his ship that extends his reach to distant planets with PTMC mines outside the solar system.

    he Descent series is known for popularizing the use of full 3D rendering, allowing for six degrees of rotation. As the player explore tunnels and mines as the Material Defender, many enemies must be destroyed in order to proceed. A variety of weapons and upgrades can be gathered to further speed up the destruction of these foes. To find the core of the level, certain color-coded keys have to be found as well. Once the core is found and destroyed, a countdown timer begins, and the player has a certain amount of time to find the exit, and escape the level. Every four levels, instead of a core reactor, there is a boss. The boss must then be defeated as a core reactor would be destroyed. There are six bosses in total throughout the game.

    Saving can be done at any time. It saves the exact location of the player, all items, weapons, enemies, and the Guide-Bot.

    The Guide-Bot is a new feature in Descent II. It serves as a companion robot that leads the player to objectives in the mission. The Guide-Bot shoots flares that can injure both the player and enemies. It is invulnerable to laser fire, but a large amount of missiles from the player or enemies can destroy it.

    Another new appearance in the game is the Thief-bot, which will roam around the level, sneak up on the player and steal some of their weapons or equipment, but never downright attacking the player. When fired upon, the Thief-bot will try to run away, and the player has to chase it down if they want to return their precious equipment.

    Play Descent II  online

    You can play Descent II  online here, in web browser for free!

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