Duke: Nuclear Winter DOS front cover
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    Duke: Nuclear Winter

    Simply Silly Software’s sole professional release and the most frequently criticized of the major Duke Nukem 3D expansion packs.

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    Duke: Nuclear Winter is an authorized add-on pack for Duke Nukem 3D. It adds 7 new maps to the game which put the player to North Pole. Here he must battle alien scum to help Santa Claus survive. The pack also adds new special arctic monsters and new artwork to the game. Play Duke: Nuclear Winter online!

    The story takes place one year after the original Duke Nukem 3D with Duke receiving a telegram from Doc Herbie Elfnic DDS saying that the alien menace has returned to earth and, with the assistance of the Femenist Elven Militia, captured and brainwashed Santa Claus. Duke’s mission is to go to the North Pole, defeat the aliens, and save Christmas.

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