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    FATE is an unreleased first-person shooter developed by IntraCorp Entertainment in 1996 for the PC (MS-DOS).

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    This game was never released presumably since it was still in development when Intracorp disappeared. Contrary to what I had on ths page in previous revisions, and according to text found in the art files, it was developed by three folks under the name of DogBone Software—not Capstone, Intracorp’s internal development company, like I had written in the past†. To me it’s a pity this game was never released since it has several good features, like jumping between maps, weapons with secondary firing modes, and intelligent enemies compared with Intracorp’s other games. Play Fate online!

    It uses Ken Silverman’s Build engine, which is probably best known for being used in ‘Duke Nukem 3D’, ‘Shadow Warrior’, aswell as the first ‘Blood’ and ‘Redneck Rampage’.

    The Demo version was released around October 18, 1996 (a few weeks before IntraCorp went bankrupt).
    A Full release unfortuantely never happened, so the Demo only has 4 Levels.

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