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Final Doom – Plutonia 2

One day, reports came of Hellspawn invading parts of the Earth once more, with the factions of the UAAF accusing each other of sabotage and espionage or blaming the UAAF itself. The conflict has now devolved into all-out war pitting human versus human, human versus demon, and demon versus demon.

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Final Doom – Plutonia 2 is a 32-level megawad for The Plutonia Experiment as an unofficial sequel. Play Final Doom – Plutonia 2 online!

Final Doom – Plutonia 2 game description

After the failure of the Quantum Accelerator technology that brought the Earth to a second onslaught from Hell’s denizens, interplanetary court cases showed the UAC’s lack of ethics managing Gateway technology, so the corporation was divested of assets and many of its surviving officials were sentenced to years of prison. The corporation’s substantial assets were assigned to the newly formed Union Aerospace Armed Forces, a multi-planetary security force in charge of keeping Hell from ever reaching our dimension again.

To pursue its commitment, the UAAF developed a series of Hallion Colliders, devices that would supplant the ineffective Quantum Accelerators, ensuring that all interstellar teleportation would from then on remain isolated from any Gates of Hell. This project came under close scrutiny of the press, which dubbed it “Plutonia 2” in reference to the previous experiment.

For some time, things seemed well, but eventually the UAAF, by far the greatest military force known to man, came under conflict with various colonies which accused the institution of overstepping its bounds and misusing its authority. This led to the recent state of interstellar guerrilla warfare and political plotting that has destabilized the UAAF, splitting it into various factions jockeying for power.

** Your situation **

After your successful mission to destroy the Quantum Accelerators and once again baffle the forces of Hell, you were accepted as one of the architects of the UAAF, but were eventually forced to renounce your chair in its committee after the use of excessive force was alleged in a dispute within an ex-UAC colony you were supervising. It wasn’t really your thing, anyway. Too much paperwork. The worsening situation, however, did concern you, and you used your newly gained freedom from responsibility to play a role in solving some of the disputes the increasing rivalries produced. When things went out of control you proposed a plan, Operation Kick-ass, to correct the situation, but it was blocked when your public image was damaged by opponents, particularly with the much publicized study stating that repeated use of the UAC Berserk, Medikit and Stimpack brands of medical supplies could cause psychosis and paranoia in users who had already been through severe trauma. This has left you ostracized from the political arena, unable to intervene in a diplomatic way.

** Evil unleashed **

With you out of the picture, the political climate became even more turbulent. One day, news arrived that Hell’s minions were back, invading parts of the Earth! Allegations and accusations flew to and fro as groups and factions blamed sabotage, espionage or the UAAF itself for unleashing the terrors once more. The guerrilla warfare became all-out war of all sorts; human against human, human against hellish monster, and even monster against monster.

As everyone knows by now, you aren’t one to sit by as all Hell breaks loose. The world has forgotten you, but you know you’ll regret what will happen if you don’t act now. You holster your trusty pistol, the only weapon you’ve been allowed to keep, and head off to the teleporter that will lead you to the Amazonian jungle, where you judge it will be easiest to infiltrate enemy lines.

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