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    Lobotomy Software’s Egyptian themed, Build Engine-powered first person shooter. It was originally released for the Saturn and then reworked for PC.

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    PowerSlave, known as Exhumed in Europe, is a first-person shooter developed by Lobotomy Software and published by Playmates Interactive Entertainment. Play Powerslave online!

    Powerslave game description

    In this First person shooter, you’re an armed forces specialist sent to investigate strange happenings at the ancient Egyptian city of Karnak. Soon you learn that alien invaders with a penchant for mummifying humans alive have taken over the place. You have to fight your way through increasingly difficult levels with an unbelievable cast in order to finish it.

    “Unknown forces have taken over the ancient city of Karnak and spreading turmoil throughout the neighboring lands. No one has returned from the joint forces sent in by the major world powers and the new power seems near unstoppable.

    The only known information about the crisis stems from a lone villager that was found wandering half dead in the desert. With his dying breaths, he spoke of fierce alien creatures destroying the cities, eating the women and children, and enslaving the men. Victims were tortured, skinned, dismembered, and mummified while still alive. Even the mummified body of the great King Ramses was unearthed and stolen.

    The player assumes the role of a man chosen from the best operatives around the world to infiltrate Karnak and destroy the enemy forces. While flying in, his helicopter gets shot down in the Karnak Valley, not far from Ramses’ Tomb.”

    Powerslawe gameplay

    Gameplay in the both the original PC version and console versions follows the standard first-person shooter formula. Familiar elements from the genre, such as collecting keys to open doors in a level, are present. However, in the console versions as well as the remastered PC version, Powerslave EX, the game functions more as a hybrid of a first-person shooter and a metroidvania, as the player obtains ancient artifacts over the course of the game, providing them with abilities that allow them to explore previously unreachable areas – all of which are connected with an overworld map. Such abilities include being able to jump higher, levitate, breathe underwater, walk in lava and walk through force fields.

    Play Powerslave online

    You can play Powerslave online here, in web browser for free!

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