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    The Terminator 2029

    In one of the battles against Skynet, the Resistance recover a sophisticated assault armor prototype that may have been the precursor to the Terminator units. Equipped in such armor, a soldier could meet a Terminator on equal terms and, perhaps, bring the war directly to Skynet Central Command.

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    In Terminator 2029, you play one of Col. John Connor’s Special Operations Group tasked to destroy Skynet. You wear Advanced Combat Armor that has configurable slots for weapons which can be swapped on the fly. The gameplay is first-person but you are restricted to the 4 compass directions (e.g. turning left spins you around 90 degrees). The weapons slot feature is well used as you acquire new weapons and attachments as you progess through the game. Play The Terminator 2029 online!

    During the latest incursions against SkyNet Central Command, a prototype of a highly advanced combat assault armor was found hidden in a subterranean vault. It has been theorized that this armor was the precusor to the fully mechanized Terminator units manufactured by SkyNet after its systems came on-line. Colonel John Connor quickly recognized that if the power of this armor could be harnessed, it might bridge the gap between Resistance personnel and SkyNet’s fronline battlefield units.

    Connor ordered Resistance scientists to analyze the prototype and use it as the basis to develop a practical weapon for his elite strike forces. The result was the Advanced Cybernetic Exoskeleton, or ‘A.C.E. Battle Armor’, a military assault armor uniquely designed to destroy Terminators.

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