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    The Terminator: Rampage

    Bethesda’s fourth Terminator game. Play as a lone soldier sent to the past to stop a Skynet takeover of a sprawling military complex.

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    Terminator: Rampage is Bethesda‘s third Terminator-licensed game, and is a standard first-person corridor crawler set inside an enormous military facility in 1988. The player must work through each level and locate its exit, while fighting off security robots with an array of period weapons. Play The Terminator: Rampage online!

    The Terminator: Rampage game description

    In Rampage, the corrupt defense system SkyNet again finds itself overrun by the human Resistance, and again manages to send a robot into the past to preserve its future existence. Sent to 1984, this time it is the monstrous “Meta-Node;” a machine explicitly designed for infiltration and construction. Four years after landing, this Meta-Node has managed to completely capture Cyberdyne’s Cheyenne Mountain complex and uses the armored bunker to start building a fledgling SkyNet, and legions of Terminator robots to protect it.

    The player takes command of a human Resistance commando, sent into the past and directly into the entrance of a machine-controlled Cheyenne Mountain. The player must scour each level, searching for upgraded clearance cards, weapons, ammunition, and health. Meanwhile, the full contingent of SkyNet’s modern forces try to stop him, from flying drones and floating mines, to disguised Terminators posing as civilians. The player must locate parts to assemble a prototype “V-TEC” plasma rifle, battle through to the final level of the complex, and destroy the Meta-Node to secure victory for humankind.

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    You can play The Terminator: Rampage online here, in web browser for free!

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