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    XS: Shield Up, Fight Back

    XS: The game that stalks back. A sci-fi arena-combat first person shooter for the PC.

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    XS: Shield Up, Fight Back is a first-person shooter that consists entirely of these gladiatorial arena battles, in a certain way simulating deathmatch competitions in a single-player frame. The player has to fight through a number of rounds of free-for-all combat, being able to choose two weapons before a match begins. Otherwise, the game follows standard FPS rules, with strafing, jumping, occasional platform-hopping, etc. Play XS: Shield Up, Fight Back online!

    XS: Shield Up, Fight Back game description

    In the far future, gladiator-style blood sports were revived. The hero of the game gets informed of them through an associate, whom he believes to be dead. In order to get to the bottom of the mystery, he has to become a player in those cruel battles, where only the most ruthless survive. Everyone fights to death, because the loser’s fate is worse than just death – the meat of defeated contestants is used in fast-food burgers…

    Competition Mode 
    The main single-player portion of XS.  Players must battle their way through 20 arenas with 3 opponents per arena.  Shield and Medical damage is repaired after each arena, and ammunition is partially restocked.  Special weapons and objects retained from one arena are carried over to the next.  Points are awarded both for killing and for damage.  All shield fighters have a ranking, and you get more points for eliminating those with a higher rank.  Additionally, points are awarded for destroying gun turrets, drones, etc.

    Grudge Mode
    An extension of the single player game.  Grudge Mode allows players to pit their wits against specific opponents in one arena.  Only previously defeated opponents can be selected and only previous arenas can be used.  Grudge Mode is unlocked only after beating at least one opponent in Competition Mode.

    Network Game 
    The multiplayer component of XS allows up to 8 players to compete across an IPX network.  However, only 4 of these players may be human; any additional players must be controlled by the computer.  In any one of the 20 arenas, players can choose who they want to be from a range of shield fighters.  When killed during combat, players are quickly reincarnated and returned to a random position within the arena.

    Play XS: Shield Up, Fight Back online

    You can play XS: Shield Up, Fight Back online here, in web browser for free!

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