Absolute Pinball DOS front cover
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    Absolute Pinball

    Absolute Pinball was published by 21st century Entertainment, the company who had one year earlier releaser the awesome Pinball Illusions. No bad game could come from them, right?

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    Absolute Pinball is a MS-DOS pinball game. Play Absolute Pinball online!

    Absolute Pinball game description

    Absolute Pinball features four tables with different themes: Desert Run (car tour from Paris to Dakar), Aquatic Adventure (treasure hunt at a beach), The Dream Factory (Hollywood) and Balls ‘n Bats (Baseball). All tables feature three flippers and several mini games on the scoreboard, e.g. swimming away from sharks. Also worth mentioning are the five graphics mode which range from a classic scrolling table to a transverse view which shows the whole table at one. The controls follow the genre standard.

    Play Absolute Pinball online

    You can play Absolute Pinball online here, in web browser for free!

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