Captain Dynamo DOS front cover
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    Captain Dynamo

    Captain Dynamo is a platformer with typical concepts such as springs, spikes and monsters to jump on. However the presentation in this game is of high quality for the time that it was released.

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    Insane genius Austen van Flyswatter has stolen a huge collection of diamonds, and retrieving them involves navigating a succession of fiendishly-designed arrangements of platforms and traps. Does that sound like a job for a retired superhero? Captain Dynamo thinks so, and aims to recapture them for their rightful owner. Play Captain Dynamo online!

    Gameplay is platform-based, with 12 (6 in Amiga version) vertically-scrolling levels, each containing around 50 diamonds – the more of these you can collect, the higher your score. Some will require advance planning to reach, while you will often be dependent on booster pads to reach the higher sections of a level.

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