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    Dave Goes Nutz

    Dave Goes Nutz is the fourth installation of the Dangerous Dave series. Dave has to rescue his little brother Delbert from the evil Dr. Nemesis who has hidden him in a mental hospital. Blast through levels of zombies using your shotgun.

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    Dave Goes Nutz! (known informally as Dangerous Dave 4) is a platform game for MS-DOS. It was published by Softdisk in 1993 for. It continues from Dangerous Dave’s Risky Rescue, where Dangerous Dave is on a mission to save his little brother Delbert, from the evil “Dr. Nemesis” (who is also the main antagonist in Softdisk’s Catacomb franchise). The game takes place within a psychiatric hospital filled with zombies. Play Dave Goes Nutz online!

    Dave Goes Nutz game description

    Last and arguably best in SoftDisk’s cult classic Dangerous Dave series that were id founders’ most famous games before Wolfenstein 3.

    In Dave Goes Nutz, once again the evil Nemesis has nabbed Dave’s little brother Delbert, this time hiding him in a mental hospital. Naturally, your job is to help Dave blast his trusty shotgun past hypodermic-armed zombies and wackos on wheels in the weirdest and best episode of the series. Nine wacky levels will keep you entertained, although they become a bit repetitive after the first few levels. Like in the previous two games in the “All New Misadventures of Dangerous Dave” series, you can aim the gun in several angles, and must wait for Dave to reload his gun from time to time. These realistic touches make the game a lot of fun, and require a bit of thinking to the typically mindless genre.

    If you like other games in the series Dave Goes Nutz is a must have. If you enjoy platform games in general, the game’s humor and great gameplay makes it a time well spent. Highly recommended.

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    You can play Dave Goes Nutz online here, in web browser for free!

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