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    Frankenstein is an average cartoon platformer from the UK division of Merit Studios.

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    Frankenstein for MS-DOS is a timed side-scrolling platform game. Play Frankenstein online!

    Frankenstein game description

    As Egor Woodenhead the player must collect all the body parts and screws needed to create infamous Frankenstein’s Monster. The game area is divided into four locations – village, cemetery, dungeon and the castle – full of hostile peasants and animals.

    Contact with the enemies means a loss of energy, same as touching ground spikes and falling from high. They can be killed by jumping on their’s heads. Egor may carry up two items at a time and supplement his energy by the contact with a blond haired woman walking through the village.

    Gameplay is typical platform fare with a few twists, such as an inventory (although limited to only 2 items), and “blood level” which you must keep an eye on (you are Frankenstein, after all-although somehow you look more like Quasimodo from Hunchback of The Notre Dame than anything else). The game suffers from relative lack of monsters and repetitive levels, as well as uninspired attacks and general gameeplay.

    Play Frankenstein online

    You can play Frankenstein online here, in web browser for free!

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