Gateworld: The Home Planet DOS front cover
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    Gateworld: The Home Planet

    The space explorer Captain Buzz Klondike travels in his artificially intelligent ship Stella, who stumbles on an asteroid with some valuable mineral deposits. But as Klondike ventures deeper into the asteroid, he realises the asteroid was sent from the planet of Gateworld, where trouble runs amok.

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    Captain Klondike’s ship has crash-landed on an unknown asteroid. He must find a way to collect fuel for his ship, looking for treasure and adventure along the way. Play Gateworld: The Home Planet online!

    Collect coins, gems, and power-ups. Battle strange creatures. Avoid traps and solve puzzles. It all leads to the final confrontation with the mysterious G.O.R.G. as you journey though lush alien worlds and over 30 levels in this side scrolling jump n’ shoot platformer. Features complete soundtrack, 3 skill levels and animated story and epilogue sequences.

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