Jungledyret Hugo DOS front cover
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    Jungledyret Hugo

    Jungle Jack is a game every platform lover should enjoy. Sadly, the game never enjoyed much commercial success and therefore was never sold outside of Scandinavia. This is sad because the game is beautiful, and you won’t regret playing it.

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    Jungledyret Hugo (Jungle Jack) is a platform game. There are no weapons, but Jack can leap onto the hazard’s head to avoid him/her/it (except the electricity coming from the wires in Level 3). The power-ups are Jack’s favourite food, fruits. They give him more energy and boost up the score. Play Jungledyret Hugo online!

    Based on the 1993 Danish animated film, “Jungledyret”. The plot is about a rare jungle animal named Jack (aka, Hugo) who lives a happy life in the jungle of India with his monkey pals. However, a rich movie owner’s ex-wife plans to get her hands on the poor creature. He suddenly escapes from the crazy actress to find a lot of dangerous hazards (including cats) around the city. With the help of Rita the Fox, he must get to a boat which will take him home

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