Sinaria: Lost in Space DOS front cover
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    Sinaria: Lost in Space

    The game features 256 color graphics, digital sound effects, and MOD music. It was planned as part of a 2-part shareware deal, but the 2nd part, Return of Stomper, was never released.

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    Sinaria: Lost In Space is a precursor to John Pollard and Joe Hillman’s later game, Vigilance on Talos V. Like that game, Sinaria is heavily inspired by the SNES tite Super Metroid. Play Sinaria: Lost in Space online here, in web browser for free!

    As an unnamed brave adventurer, it falls upon you to free the world of Sinaria from the evil Stomper and his minions. Along the way you must defeat drones that bear Stompers likeness before facing off against the real thing.

    In addition to platforming around and fighting enemies, you must collect a number of items that let you pass specific obstacles and help you explore the world further, as is the metroidvania style. The Saturn Ball lets you transform into ball form, squeeze through small passages, and drop bombs to destroy breakable blocks. X-Ray Vision lets you spot hidden passages and secrets, Jump Boots let you jump higher to get to hard to reach platforms, and the Swivel lets you swing over obstacles by grappling onto special blocks.

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