SkyRoads: Xmas Special DOS front cover
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SkyRoads: Xmas Special

SkyRoads XMAS-Special is a different version of SkyRoads with newer harder levels and a Christmas theme.

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Following the success of the original Skyroads, Bluemoon released a Skyroads XMAS-Special version, which featured the exact same interface and features, but different and considerably harder levels that have a christmas theme. Because of this substantial increase in difficulty, the XMAS-Special version never became as popular as the original. Play SkyRoads: Xmas Special online!

SkyRoads: Xmas Special game description

This Special edition of SkyRoads features 3 new worlds for Christmas and one for a training course to its existing worlds. However by this addition you will not able to play Satellite, Into The Sun, Asteroid Belt and The Earth again.

Play SkyRoads: Xmas Special online

You can play SkyRoads: Xmas Special online here, in web browser for free!

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