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    Boppin’ was a block matching platforming puzzle game released in 1992 by developer Accursed Toys and published by Apogee Software.

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    Boppin’ was a puzzle game originally released for the Amiga in 1992 and the PC in 1994. Boppin’ was developed by Accursed Toys and was published by Apogee Software (of Duke Nukem and Commander Keen fame). Play Boppin’ online!

    Boppin’ game description

    Boppin’ involves both platforming and block matching. Players control two characters named Yeet and Boik who must make their way through levels and throw blocks at diagonal 45 degree angles. The objective of each level is to throw blocks at other blocks of the same type, eventually making certain shapes and freeing creatures trapped within. The fact that blocks can only be thrown at a specific diagonal angle complicates the game, and requires the player to creatively use walls, refractors and elevators to bounce blocks into their appropriate place.

    The game featured a shareware episode titled “Bothersome Hunnybunz,” in addition to three paid episodes. The Amiga version of the game featured 150 levels, while the MS-DOS version featured 160. Both versions included a level editor.

    Play Boppin’ online

    You can play Boppin’ online here, in web browser for free!

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