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    Pacman, an arcade classic, finds a new form in this very cute clone. CD-Man features 5 different worlds to pass each having nicely-drawn graphics in high-resolution EGA mode.

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    CD-Man was released for PC in 1992 by Creative Dimensions. It is basically a clone of the arcade classic Pac-Man with some slight differences. Play CD-Man online!

    CD-Man game description

    The game consists of five different worlds each with thier own visual theme.
    Each world has a different maze layout and the types of enemies encountered will vary based on the world being played.

    having nicely-drawn graphics in high-res EGA mode and therefore a new character, “The Snoofer” which was not available in version 1.5 (instead of it you were playing with your old pal).

    Created by two Swedish authors, Atilla Biro and Anders Moree.

    Play CD-Man online

    You can play CD-Man online here, in web browser for free!

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