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    The protagonist and player character of Paganitzu is Alabama “Al” Smith, an explorer comparable to Indiana Jones, working his way through an ancient Aztec pyramid. The story is split into three sections, corresponding to the three parts the game explores.

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    Paganitzu is a Sokoban-like tile-based puzzle game created by Keith Schuler and published by Apogee Software. The game was intended for released in September 15, 1991 but was delayed and instead released a month later. It is the sequel to Chagunitzu. Play Paganitzu online!

    Paganitzu game description

    Paganitzu is a puzzle game with action elements. Help the hero, Alabama Smith, go through rooms of puzzles and traps to find treasure and a way out.

    The object of the game is to collect all the keys in a level to unlock the exit and try not to get killed by monsters and traps. However the object of the third episode is to reach the statue with the yellow stone. Each episode has 20 levels, but episode 3 has one more playable level and four secret unplayable levels from Chagunitzu. Treasures can be collected for points and special encounters can be found for 5000 points each. Some of the walls can be walked into to reveal secret passages. Dirt can be uncovered and rocks can be pushed around. Rocks pushed into water, lava or slime turn the spot into solid terrain. Each episode has different puzzles and enemy tackling.

    The game consists of three episodes, each with many rooms. The episodes are:

    • Episode One: Romancing The Rose
    • Episode Two: Quest For The Silver dagger
    • Episode Three: Jewel Of The Yucatan

    Each room is a puzzle in which the hero must collect gems, for points, and keys, to unlock the exit door, while avoiding nasties such as snakes and spiders. There are also boulders to be both moved and traps to be avoided. Bonus points are awarded for finding secret areas and for speedy completion.

    Episode One was released as shareware while the other two episodes were purchased together or separately. The player could also, for an additional fee, purchase the sixty page game solution which allegedly answers such questions as “How do I become bald in Episode One?”, and “Where is the Emerald City?”.

    Play Paganitzu online

    You can play Paganitzu online here, in web browser for free!

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