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    In the future, races are held across America where the drivers race for money, and their lives. You are the rookie. Welcome to Deathtrack.

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    DeathTrack was a first person futuristic driving computer game produced for MS-DOS by Dynamix and published by Activision in 1989. It was created by Tom Collie, Mark Brenneman, Darek Lukaszuk and Bryce Morsello. Play Deathrack online!

    Deathrack game description

    Starting off the game with a meager sum, you can choose from three cars (either speedy, plenty of firepower or heavily-armored) and begin practicing for your races against the other drivers.

    Your opponents have all been captured in 16-colour digital photo splendour. Featuring 3D polygonal cars racing against each other, they try their best to remove you from the race, permanently.

    Your winnings can be used to upgrade your car’s armor, weapons and parts to make you car impervious to harm, a juggernaut of firepower, hurtling down the 10 available tracks.

    There are two ways to win a race: be the first, or be the only one.

    Based in a futuristic America, the player races on various tracks across the country for money, which can be spent on armor, weapons and other modifications to protect and use against the competition.

    The player chooses from one of three cars (either “The Hellcat” for high speed, “The Crusher” for high firepower or “The Pitbull” for heavy armor) and begins racing against other drivers, including:

    • Sly
    • MotorManiac
    • Wrecker
    • Melissa
    • MegaDeath
    • Killer Angel
    • Lurker
    • Preying Menace
    • Crimson Death

    The player starts with $10,000 to spend on weapons, and earns more money by winning races. For each item the player buys, there are three variants: small/ineffective, medium/good and large/best.

    Play Deathrack online

    You can play Deathrack online here, in web browser for free!


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