Fatal Fumes DOS front cover
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    Fatal Fumes

    The coolest topdown action racing game! Drive like the pros in this overhead parallax scrolling car racing game! Features steering touch, 35 exciting multi-screen tracks, 12 different vehicles and intelligent opponents. Enjoy digital music and speech, plus great graphics. Make your own games with the track editor. Incredible playability with fully adjustable speed levels.

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    Fatal Fumes is an overhead racing game featuring 256-color parallax scrolling similar to James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod at the speed of 70 fps. Play Fatal Fumes online!

    It is the first project of a small Finnish group which later improved the game after its first release. The full version for registered users contains 35 tracks, twelve vehicles, twelve opponents, a track editor and both a 2-player and a general multiplayer mode. There are no weapons in the game, the focus is entirely on racing.

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