Moonshine Racers DOS front cover
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    Moonshine Racers

    A driving game for home computers in which the player is trying to transport illegal hooch by staying one step ahead of Sheriff Fat Sam and his dog, Rommel.

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    Ike and Billy Joe are running illegal booze around the US, and you must take control of their vehicle and make sure they complete each part of their journey. The action is viewed from above and behind the car, in a similar manner to the OutRun and Lotus games. Play Moonshine Racers online!

    Gameplay is a sort of reverse Chase H.Q., as you aim to flee Sheriff Sam’s staff, without destroying your car or running out of time. As well as typical car upgrades, between stages you can also buy maps, which will help you plan your route.

    The game’s atmosphere includes banjo-based background music and CB radio sounds, for that authentic Midwest feel.

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