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    PC Rally

    PC Rally is a below average shareware rally racing game from Spain’s Digital Dreams Multimedia.

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    PC Rally is a rally arcade racing game very similar in looks to Gaelco’s World Rally Championship (1993), except for the fact that in PC Rally the car sprite is much bigger. There are three game modes: training, single race and championship. Play PC Rally online!

    The first two will be useful to practice in any of the 30 circuits, while the last one is where the serious stuff begins.

    In the championship mode you will first have to choose difficulty (easy, normal or hard) and the circuit where you want to start (as in real life, each circuit will be also divided in ten parts). Finally, you will have to choose your car, which will be either a Toyota Celica or a Lancia Delta HF Integrale, whom depending on your economical gains after the races, will be upgradeable.

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