Skunny Kart DOS front cover
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    Skunny Kart

    Supposedly duplicated straight out of the code for “Wacky Wheels”, Skunny Kart is a kart racing game released for DOS.

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    Mario Kart clone. Race around a quasi-3D track as one of the characters from the series of Skunny games. Many tracks to choose from that take place all over the world. Also includes a battle mode in which you may fight off the computer or a friend. Play Skunny Kart online!

    Skunny Kart plays much like Mario Kart for the SNES. The player races around the track trying to finish the race in first place. Along the way there are traps scattered around the tracks as well as some power ups. There are many sound effects used throughout Skunny Kart that have been taken from other licensed properties including: The Terminator, Bugs Bunny, and the Simpsons.

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