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    Vette is an open-world racing game set in San Francisco. The player can choose from a range of Corvette’s and race them against a range of European cars on several courses in San-Francisco.

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    Race your corvette against another human or computer player through an accurate reproduction of San Francisco. Choose between store models (stock or ZR1) or a tricked-up ‘vette (twin turbo or “sledgehammer”). Play Vette! online!

    Use your on-screen map display to choose the best route — there are multiple ways to reach the finish line careening through the streets of San Francisco. You can also switch between views, including left, right, rearview mirror, with or without dash, helicopter chase cam, or a combination of views.

    There are pedestrians and police officers (which will call in any infractions they see) on the sidewalks. The police will chase you and ask that you explain your poor driving. The races are very long and it is important to avoid damage to the car, problems with the police and stupid errors like driving into the San Francisco bay.

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