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    Wacky Wheels

    Play Wacky Wheels online! Tiger, panda, shark, cow, zebra, … choose your cartoon character, pick up weapons and defeat all other animals!

    Play it online!
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    Wacky Wheels – another cartoon racing game? Not quite. Play Wacky Wheels online here, in web browser!

    Game description

    In this game you will not find well-known racing cars. Instead of known riders, you play like animals and race in karts.

    A fun racing game that is really funny in multiplayer!

    You have a total of eight riders to choose from – eight animals: tiger, panda, shark, cow, zebra, elephant, reindeer and raccoon. It is not about speed in this racing game, you also have to use the various bonuses and “weapons”. With these weapons you can try to slow down your opponents. The game vas obviously inspired by Mario Karts from 1992, but Mario’s characters were replaced by animals.

    One special mode I have not mentioned yet – Wacky Duck Shoot. You pick a zone and chase and shoot ducks (finally I get the satisfaction because the duck was still ahead of me and was the fastest of the crayz animals).
    In two minutes you have to shoot as many ducks as possible with hedgehogs. In the TOP sections there are numbers like 87 – which crazy could kill 87 ducks in 2 minutes?

    Music and sounds – really good.

    Play Wacky Wheels online

    Play Wacky Wheels online here, in web browser and for free!

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